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Coach K's Mathletes (CK Mathletes) provides after school enrichment programs and summer camps involving creative problem solving in Mathematics.

Students tackle fun problems and participate in formal and informal math competitions.

Work is started in class, and often continued at home.

Our online curriculum contains problem sets that vary by theme and difficulty.

Our ultimate goal is to help students become tenacious problem solvers who love math.

There is so much to the world of math that kids do not see in school.
We want to show that math is challenging, visual, hands-on, and fun.

If you like puzzles, patterns, and problem solving, give it a try!

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“We need to cast a wider net and redefine what we mean by "math." Math isn’t just word problems or long division. Math is puzzles, whether it is 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional . Math is coloring a pattern. Math is finding the winning strategy to a 2-player strategy game. All of these involve logical reasoning, developing spacial intelligence, looking for symmetry. Math is the science of patterns, and humans are wired to find patterns. We tackle many problems in our programs that might not feel like traditional math. But that’s the point. I want you and your kids to start expanding what you define as math and see problem solving as a life skill.”



-Coach K

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