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Grade 5 Common Core Intensive Online Seminar​

Our Common Core program is aligned with the new curriculum adopted by LASD in the 2021-22 school year, along with the assessment used to determine problem solving skills. Grade 5 is an important year for students, and leads up to potential placement in the advanced 6/7 class. 

Size of Seminar: 3-4 Students

Schedule: Twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, 4pm-5pm PST

Cost: $480 per month (8 sessions per 4 weeks)

The seminar will be particularly focused on areas that are challenging for many students: multiplication and division, fractions, place value, and multi-step word problems. These foundational concepts and skills become a gateway for more advanced classes and topics. Additionally, students will learn to explain their mathematical thinking. This skill has been highlighted as important both by teachers and by common core standards, and is integral to school-based assessments.

For those who prefer 1-on-1 instruction, hourly coaching is available.

For those who want to participate but need need another day/time,
please click on the registration link below and provide options that work for you.

Register here


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