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Coach K is great. He not only teaches the contents but also coaches the students. The coaching aspect sets Coach K apart from other math programs (such as AoPS, AlphaStar).

  • Coach K makes connections with individual students. He supports them to persevere through math challenges. He knows all the students’ names, makes jokes, and cheers them on.

  • Students get to work in small groups, which is an important skill. Coach K guided them through how to collaborate effectively.

  • Students get to present their solution to classmates. Coach K gives individual feedback and suggestions on presentation techniques.

  • When a student is stuck on a hard problem, Coach K’s hints strike a good balance of getting the student unstuck, while avoiding giving the solution away. This balance is crucial for helping students get better at math.

  • My child bonded with Coach K as a person, and truly enjoys going to the class.

I am very happy with Coach K's programs. My child has learned a lot under Coach K's direction.


-Paisa S. (Parent)


Without your math class, I honestly don't think I would have the same relationship with math that I have today.  When I started, I struggled a lot with math and didn't see myself as very good at it.  I went to mathletes because my sister had gone when she was my age, not because I particularly enjoyed it.Over time that started to change.  I had to work on difficult math problems, and instead of resigning myself to failure, I actually tried.  Sometimes I still couldn't figure it out, but sometimes I could.  And slowly things started to make more sense.  I remember spending hours pouring over a math textbook used in your class, as bit by bit, I was able to actually do the problems.These days, math is among my favorite subjects.  I'm currently in calculus as a sophomore, something that would have shocked me when I was younger.  I wanted to say thank you, because your classes helped me not only grow better at math, but find a passion for it.

-Kate B. (Student)


"My 5th grade son really enjoys coming to this class. Coach K has a way of challenging the students to think differently and creatively about solving math problems while making it fun at the same time! The occasional treats for achieving goals are an added bonus!"

-Anny F. (Mathletes)




"Coach K is simply awesome! I can confidently say that Coach K has brought out the love for Math in my son. We are forever thankful for his outstanding teaching style and tons of material shared with the class. Every time my son comes across a complex problem, his words are 'Oh, I know this one, Coach K taught us a really cool way to solve this'. Thank you Coach K!"

-Renuka K. (Middle School Mathletes)




"It's such a great way to introduce the fun side of math to our kids. Coach K does a great job of keeping the kids engaged and challenged. My kids walk into a session like they're going into just another class, but always come out like a champ with a big smile on their face because they have a huge sense of accomplishment from tackling and solving very challenging math problems. Highly recommend it to anyone."

-Hank L. (Mathletes in Training)

"This is the best math after school program. My kids did it. My son for many years and has learned skills that I'm sure he is using in high school today. Coach K is so passionate about math and does a great job to share his love of this subject with kids. He makes it fun and hands on."

-Caroline G. (Coach K's Math Camp)




"My 5th grader has loved mathletes. After his first session, he came home and excitedly exclaimed 'I finally found math that is challenging!' He is motivated to make it into the top 25, and the group work has done a good job of helping him learn cooperation with his peers. He is excited to go every week and we love that it keeps him engaged learning."


-Sara C P. (Mathletes)

"Highly recommend! I give Coach K credit for getting my son interested in math and math competition. He has been in Coach K's afterschool math program for almost three years and has loved it since day one. Coach K uses visual aids and keeps the kids engaged. He also exposes the kids to different math competitions and actively enrolls them in the competitions."

-Sharon W.  (Middle School Mathletes)

My son attended Mathletes camp in 2019 summer, as an incoming 3rd grade student.  He loves the camp so much and now this becomes the only camp he wants to attend (Mathletes is also his favorite afterschool class!)  There were a lot of building activities in the camp, including Zome, centimeter cubes, tetrahedron cubes. My son enjoyed them all and since the camp becomes online this year, he is looking forward to receiving these building kits at home.  The coach is very enthusiastic and teachs math in a fun and inspiring way.  I highly recommend this camp to anyone who likes math or wants to increase their interest in math.  Math can definitely be fun!

-Yuehua X. (Coach K's Math Camp)



Our daughters, now 14 and 16, have participated Coach K’s Mathletes programs for several years, both the afterschool programs and summer camps, and recently taking leadership roles as coaches-in-training. Coach K's summer camp has always been a highlight of the year, and often the one camp they both want to lock down early to their summer schedules, before anything else. You could find that surprising given all the alternatives out there, but it’s really a testament to Coach K’s unique ability to make competition grade math interesting, combine it with exciting games and projects that promote analytical mindset, and integrate fun social aspects to it all.

-Ari B. (Coach K's Math Camp)



My son (going into eighth grade) has been attending Coach K's math camp for four straight years now. He loves the camp and looks forward to it every year. Coach K allows campers to pick from a variety of interesting activities: puzzles, really hard and interesting problems (which he calls Sumos), 3D building activities (centimeter cubes, Zome, magnetic building blocks, etc.) and of course more traditional problems from math books. The varied choice in learning math has kept my son interested in the camp year after year. The 3D building time that takes place in camp is a really great way to start learning geometry and different 3D Shapes allows the kids to explore and make new models while exercising their creativity and geometry skills at the same time. It allows campers of different ages and skill levels to come together and learn and make friends while making new, never before seen, enormous models. As a parent, I love the fact that the kids are exposed to hard complex concepts (graph theory, probability, number theory, etc.) while picking up other valuable skills (like collaborating in teams). Of course, Coach K also weaves in fun with pizza parties and donuts for meeting hard challenges. All in all, my son spoke about the camp enough times that now my daughter had to join last year and is now looking forward to the second Math camp with Coach K.  As a parent, I can whole-heartedly recommend this camp to other parents who are looking for way to make learning Math fun.

-Subarna S. (Coach K's Math Camp)


"Highly recommend!! My older daughter (6th grader) loves this camp. If there were more weeks of the camp available, she'd sign up. I feel like coach K and his team are able to stretch and engage the kids at a variety of levels. The Zome structures they built were impressive even to an engineer. My oldest inspired her younger sister, who is much less math-y, to do the camp this summer (going into 5th grade)."

-Irene T. (Coach K's Math Camp)



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