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Talaria Collaborative Writing Seminar

2023-2024 School Year

Aim: The goal of this online program is to provide students with collaborative writing opportunities that not only helps them improve their writing skills, but also increases their love of writing. We want to help students learn to become excited by the writing process and come to view it as an enjoyable, creative, and intellectually stimulating process.




  • Students will meet once a week for one hour with their writing coach and 2-3 other students; these groups are organized by age and ability.


  • Students will be given the opportunity to collaborate with their writing coach and their other group members on different types of writing assignments (e.g., persuasive speeches, elevator pitches, scientific articles, plays, poems, short stories, research projects);

  • Each month, students will complete 2 or more written works as a group that will allow them to practice different styles of writing and explore different literary themes and academic disciplines (e.g., history, law, government, Earth and Space science, environmental science, health, economics, psychology, etc.); and


  • Students will be given the option to complete additional independent writing assignments each week as homework.



  • $250 monthly fee for 4 weekly group meetings.


  • Additional 1-1 sessions are $80 an hour.

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Writing as a Gatekeeper 


Here in the Bay Area, I am seeing more and more students applying to private schools. Did you know that many private schools now require a proctored writing sample - in addition to admissions essays?

Many families are planning on applying to highly selective universities.  Did you know that many admissions professionals consider the essay a key part of the college application? Once the application pool is ‘compressed’ down to the point where everyone is academically comparable, it comes down to the essays, who you are, and how you fit into the class.

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