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Language Arts Fun & Games​

This exciting, collaborative class focuses on building language arts skills through fun activities. Students will engage in a variety of puzzles, games, brain teasers, and friendly low-key competitions throughout the program to strengthen their reading, writing, and speaking skills. Examples include:
● Playing games like Wordle, Crosswords, Improv, Ad-Libs, and many others in an inclusive group setting.
● Solving analogies to strengthen vocabulary, build memory networks, and nourish conceptual understanding.
● Participating in spelling and vocabulary in-house competitions in different formats (both individual and small team).

Language Arts skills are not only essential, but they are fun to learn! Come join us as we set sail on this adventure!

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Writing as a Gatekeeper 


Here in the Bay Area, I am seeing more and more students applying to private schools. Did you know that many private schools now require a proctored writing sample - in addition to admissions essays?

Many families are planning on applying to highly selective universities.  Did you know that many admissions professionals consider the essay a key part of the college application? Once the application pool is ‘compressed’ down to the point where everyone is academically comparable, it comes down to the essays, who you are, and how you fit into the class.

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