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Talaria Summer Writing Program

With wings on my feet

and a pen in my hand,
I can go anywhere,

be anyone. 
Join me.

In ancient Roman mythology, the messenger god Mercury, patron of travelers, roads, thresholds, gates, doorways, and borders, wore talaria, golden sandals with winged heels, enabling him to fly “as swift as any bird.” Through the magic of writing, we can enter, explore and share new worlds. Whether your family is traveling or staying home this summer, Math Culture invites students to participate in the Talaria Writing Program, an asynchronous group engagement with writing across genres. Students will engage with short readings from various sources as models. They will be guided by professional writing coaches as they experiment with journaling and targeted craft exercises from which they’ll create poems, flash fiction pieces, and flash essays. Their work will be shared electronically with each other for response and inspiration. Student work will be published in an anthology made available to families, friends, and fans, with a “best of” selection presented with editorial comments by the coaching team.

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