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Can my mathlete do the test on their own?


Can we have more than 6 team members?

Sorry, no.

Can we have team members from different schools?


Can a team sign up for a level that doesn't match their grade?

Yes. For example, if you have a 5
th grade team that is new to competitions and problem solving, it's no problem for them to sign up for level 2 (Grade 3-4). Similarly, some very advanced 6th grade teams might feel level 4 (Grade 7-8) is a better fit. 

Can teams participate in more than one level?

Yes. My suggestion: pick the lower level first, then work your way upward. 

Are we allowed to print the questions for our mathlete?

Absolutely. Just make sure you hide them until right before they start the test!

What role should coaches, teachers, and parents play?

On balance, tech support and moral support. You can provide clarification on wording, and provide definitions if needed. But *please* try to resist the temptation to help with problem solving. If you want to "get in there," save that for Picture Perfect!


Why don't you provide solutions or review the test?

We want students to try to solve these problems, and during the '2nd half' of Fan4 - what we call "Picture Perfect" - they are given ample time to do so. Providing solutions or doing a review would ruin this opportunity. Many students tackle these problems in our summer camp and over the course of a few days manage to get onto the Picture Perfect leaderboard. It's challenging and fun ! 

Why don't you capture all the team data when people first sign up?

Things happen last minute. Students may join a team late. Others may forget to show up, or have a last minute conflict. Captains may have tech issues. Team names change.  The goal is to maximize flexibility and take an accurate snapshot of the team when they actually take the test. 


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