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Our Mission



Our Philosophy 


Our Programs

Our Policies

  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics

  • To introduce important Mathematical concepts

  • To teach major strategies for problem solving

  • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems

  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition

  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity

  • To provide the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

  • To learn to work effectively on a small team​

Your brain is like a muscle - you have to use it to make it stronger. Mathletes will be solving challenging problems every week in practice.

After School Math Progams:

Summer Camps:


Classes are currently offered in-person and online. All are welcome to join. In-person programs are being offered in a number of public and private schools throughout the Bay Area. 

Online Work:

Homework is strongly encouraged. Check out the individual programs for more information. 

Conduct Rules: 

We will NOT tolerate ANY type of teasing, name-calling, or destructive behavior during practice. It is critical that Mathletes feel this is an environment in which they can ask questions, take risks, and feel ‘safe.’ IF a Mathlete engages in destructive behavior they will immediately be kicked off the team. If this happens, the Mathlete can petition to rejoin the team if they meet with me and their parent.

Refunds and Credits: 

Refunds are issued if: 

If a family is new to Mathletes and provides notification before the 4th practice of their FIRST Mathletes session, then they will receive a pro-rated refund for unused classes, less a $40 processing fee. 

Credits are issued if:

If you are unable to attend online classes due to a change in your school schedule - for example, your school is now in person - you will be invited to attend another online class that might fit your schedule. People can switch from one class to another without any processing charge - they would simply pay the difference in tuition (if there is one).  If we can't find a suitable online class, you will be given a pro-rated credit towards future classes and camps.

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