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The Fan4 is different...


The Fan4 is different from other math competitions in some important ways.


1) The problems are visually engaging and fun. Many traditional questions from school, and many classic word problems on competitions, will not be found on the Fan4.

2) Coaches, Teachers, and Parents at home can provide background information as needed. This might involve a providing a definition, or clarifying the wording on a problem. The Fan4 is not designed to test mastery of definitions or reading comprehension. It's about problem solving.

3) We want students to experience the satisfaction of solving hard problems, and we want to give them the time to do so.  After the competition, teams are encouraged to participate in “Picture Perfect.” There is no time limit. Teams are allowed multiple attempts. Family, friends, teachers, and tutors can help with hints and suggestions.  Any team that scores 100% has their team name entered into the Picture Perfect Hall of Fame.

Competition Details 

Test duration: 1 hour
Test window: May 6 - May 19
 (forms submitted by 6:00 PM PST)
Registration closes: May 5

Level 1 teams: most participants are in grades 1-2, but you can be younger or older

Level 2 teams: most participants are in grades 3-4, but you can be younger or older

Level 3 teams: most participants are in grades 5-6, but you can be younger or older

Level 4 teams: most participants are in grades 7-8, but you can be younger or older

* Teams can have 1-6 students.
* Teams can have team members from different schools.
* Teams can pick any level competition.
* Teams create a fun mathy team name (e.g. "Math Magicians")


Multiple choice format.
There is no penalty for guessing. 

* Students enrolled in our enrichment classes participate in Fan4 IN CLASS.
* Students who are not enrolled in our classes can participate through asynchronous testing:
   your team can pick any ~1hr window during the 2 week test window. For these teams, p
arents           who sign up receive a copy of the questions when the 2-week test window opens.

What you can use: scratch paper, any kind of graph paper, scissors, rulers, compass, protractor, mirrors, centimeter cubes, Zome, legos, colored pencils, etc.

What you can't use: math textbooks, calculators, spreadsheets, Desmos, Geogebra, Siri, Google Search, or computer programs. 

Steps to Participate 

* Students in our classes participate in class with support from the coaching staff. You're all set!

* Students who are not registered in our classes:

Step 1All parents of team members fill out this form (3 quick questions!):



Step 2: Build your team. Reconnect with old team members and/or recruit new members. As people join, ask them to fill out the form (Step 1). 

Step 3: Before the 2-week test window opens, contact members of your team to decide:


* The name of your team
* Your team's captain (this person will input the team's answers into the online answer form)
* The date and time your team will take the test
* The team's logistics for participation (in-person, zoom call, etc)

Pro-tip: When you open your answer form on test day, you will be asked for one parent email (to receive the scored answer form), your team's name, each person's name, schools represented, and the highest grade of all team members. Be prepared to answer these questions (save time!)

Step 4: Be on the lookout for an email the night before the 2-week test window starts. We will be providing links to answer forms and questions. 

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