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What is Big Summer?

Our Big Summer programs are online and will meet for six weeks, five days a week, an hour and a half each day. These programs are condensed, intensive courses designed to help students get ahead in creative problem solving and competition math.

Big Summer Geometry Program

The Big Summer Geometry Program is an MSM Program focused squarely on Geometry for 6th-9th graders. I have found that many - if not most - of the Middle-School-Mathletes have a tough time solving the geometry questions that typically show up on competitions. The Geometry chapter in CMMS (the textbook that we use) had hard problems. We’re going to tackle that material this summer. We will use other textbooks and competitions to provide a rich landscape of questions.


This program will provide very good exposure for students who will take Geometry next year. While the summer program will not focus on proofs, we will likely touch on all of the main theorems covered *and more.*  

In this intensive program there’s no homework. Every day will be an intense workout. And while students will be encouraged to check their work with each other, they will also spend more time tackling problems on their own. As this is a very focused class, I will also be providing more sample solutions and reviews.

I absolutely love geometry. I think these problems are fun, and I’d like to get our MSMs to the point where they actually LOOK for the geometry problems on competitions because it plays to their strength.

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Big Summer Calculus Program

The Big Summer Calculus Program is designed for students who are planning on taking the AP Calculus (BC) exam in their next school year. 

The goal of the summer program is to cover a large portion of the Calculus 'mechanics' that students will encounter in the AP Calculus BC curriculum. As a result, students will have more bandwidth during the school year to process the proofs and conceptual work in their BC class, and we will have more time to explore applications and practice solving real questions from previous AP exams. In the summer program we will draw on material and problems from the Stewart textbook. We will use Desmos on a regular basis to bring Calculus concepts to life.

There is a lot of ground to cover in a traditional BC course. This program is an opportunity to build competence and confidence before heading into the class. 

In this intensive program there’s no homework. There will be opportunities to do optional homework for those students who have the interest and bandwidth. 

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