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Coach K'S Math Camp - In Person

Camp will take place Monday-Friday, from 9am-3pm PST.


A typical camp day will include 3 components: 

(1) Creative problem solving: students will be exposed to themes and strategies from a range of math competitions (Kangaroo, Fan4, MOEM, UKMT, AMC8, Mathcounts, AMC10). Students will work together in small teams and will be grouped together by ability (which usually corresponds to age, but there are definitely exceptions).
(2) Playing Games and Solving Puzzles: students will engage in many activities that involve strategy (find the winning algorithm, analyze the end-game and make the winning move, etc ). They will tackle a range of puzzles (algebra puzzles, number puzzles, logic puzzles, 2D geometry puzzles, 3D assembly puzzles, folding puzzles, etc). They will also be exposed to topics from advanced mathematics (graph theory, combinatorics, etc).

(3) Building Challenges: students will enjoy the all-time favorite camp activity every day: Zome building

In the afternoon, we will offer additional enrichment opportunities such as

* chess
* coding
* strategy games (Mahjong, Backgammon, Monopoly, etc.)
* card games (Big 2, SET, Crazy Eights, etc.)
* Japanese Logic Puzzles (Sudoku, Nurikabe, Masyu, Spiral Galaxies, etc.)
* mechanical marvels (digital design with Besiege)
* art 
* improv
...and more. 

For camps in June 2022, we will be making time mid-morning every day to go outside and play sports and enjoy playground games.

For camps in August 2022, we will host camp in a large indoor facility. We will program physical activities - both indoor and outdoor - in the morning and/or afternoon.

Additional breaks to stretch, have a snack, and move around will be programmed in throughout the day. 


Register for 2nd-3rd Grade Here

Register for 4th-5th Grade Here

Register for 6th-8th Grade Here

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