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Common Core​

Our Common Core programs are aligned with the schools’ standard curriculum. We are currently offering classes for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. The backbone of our programs will be Singapore math. This will be supplemented with approaches developed by Coach K, the use of manipulatives, and additional exercises found online. We will also do periodic assessments, with reporting back to parents.  


Our goal is to provide visual, hands-on, collaborative ways to learn and practice math topics that students historically struggle with in class. Students will fill in gaps that they have now, and also be set up for success for future math topics.


We will be particularly focused on areas that are challenging for many students: multiplication and division, fractions, and multi-step math word problems. These foundational skills are important and become a gateway for more advanced topics. Additionally, students will learn to explain their mathematical thinking. This skill has been highlighted as important both by teachers and by common core standards.


All the Common Core classes are being offered online through Zoom. During this time, we believe it is incredibly important for kids to socialize and work with others. Students will collaborate in small groups through breakout rooms and receive help and supervision from their coach. You can now cultivate teamwork and strengthen your math skills in the safety of your own home. 

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