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In-Person Classes​

Our innovative classes provide unusual enrichment opportunities you can't find elsewhere.  

Language Arts Fun & Games​

This exciting, collaborative class focuses on building language arts skills through fun activities. Students will engage in a variety of puzzles, games, brain teasers, and friendly low-key competitions throughout the program to strengthen their reading, writing, and speaking skills.

Examples include: ● Playing games like Wordle, Crosswords, Improv, Ad-Libs, and many others in an inclusive group setting. ● Solving analogies to strengthen vocabulary, build memory networks, and nourish conceptual understanding. ● Participating in spelling and vocabulary in-house competitions in different formats (both individual and small team).

Language Arts skills are not only essential, but they are fun to learn! Come join us as we set sail on this adventure!



The Renaissance program is designed to ignite understanding of concepts holistically. Inspired by Structured Word Inquiry, our curriculum focuses on key words, their roots, and etymology. But as a unique liberal arts program, we go beyond this: our interdisciplinary program combines language arts, art, music, and sensory experiences.

As an example, in one unit children will have the auditory experience of singing songs about a topical concept of "Flowers in May" inspired by their love of Filoli. They learn about different species, color combinations (aesthetic awareness), expressions in poetry ( Wordsworth) and art ( Georgia O'keefe), and olfactory and visual associations that stemmed from it. Each week we build word associations and expand our vocabulary. And through touch, smell and active listening, we expand our imagination. We build on experiences of heightened awareness of our natural world through the seasons with deep breathing exercises, meditations and musings. 

Our goal is to enhance consciousness and confidence of our selves as unique beings and establish our joy in feeling connected to the world around us.



Have you had an opportunity to pour yourself into different characters from history and mythology to channel the emotions of the human condition? Have you had the experience of igniting awareness of self, in context to any given environment or relationship? We bring our passion for the Creative Arts in a unique drama class that explores the characters in classical drama and literature. Ranging from Shakespeare to the Magna Carta, from classic speeches to declamations and from recitations to soliloquies, in this program we will discover characters from operas, plays and film to polish our delivery of both the written and spoken word. The goal is to become a more compelling and persuasive public speaker while delving into the joyous world of Dramatic Art. 

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Hiphop Dance

Let's dance and have fun! Join a lively dance class where kids explore moving to music, unleashing creativity, and discovering rhythm. Get ready to groove, sway, and find your own unique style as we learn and have a blast together!


Discover the magic of Bollywood dance in our lively class. Experience captivating moves, groove to Bollywood beats, delve into Indian culture, and boost your confidence—all in one exciting session. Join us for an unforgettable Bollywood dance fusion!


Join our enchanting journey into Bharatnatyam, a classical Indian dance form. Through playful movements and expressive storytelling, children will discover the beauty of Indian culture while honing coordination and creativity. Embrace the joy of dance in a fun and engaging way.

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