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The Fan4 is different...

The Fan4 is for students in grades 1-9. It is designed to be  'low-key.'   No registrations fees.  No trophies.  Four students from the same school come together to form a team.  

Team members can be in different grades.
 The Fan4 is open to the public: team members don’t have to be enrolled in a CKMathletes program.

 Schools often have multiple teams at different grade levels.  Each team of 4 creates a fun team name. They work as a team in their own breakout room, solving problems together. When the results are in, a leaderboard is created for each grade level.


The Fan4 is different from other math competitions in some important ways.


1) The problems are visually engaging and fun. Many traditional questions from school, and many classic word problems on competitions, will not be found on the Fan4.

2) We believe everyone should understand what each question is asking. After most questions we provide "Background" information (on a separate slide) so that students 'get it.' In addition, proctors are available during the test to answer any questions (i.e. provide definitions or clarifications). The Fan4 is not designed to test mastery of definitions or reading comprehension. It's about problem solving.

3) We provide "Materials" after many of the questions (on a separate slide) that facilitate problem solving. Students can work with the "Materials" as they see fit. For example, students can: 1) color an object; 2) draw lines between objects, 3) enter numbers in a grid; 4) copy, paste, and move objects.


4) We want students to experience the satisfaction of solving hard problems, and we want to give them the time to do so.  After the competition, teams are encouraged to participate in “Picture Perfect.”  Each team will have access to the same competition, but this time a hint is provided for each problem. There is no timer. Teams are allowed multiple attempts. Family, friends, teachers, and tutors can help with hints and suggestions.  Any team that scores 100% has their team name entered into the Picture Perfect Hall of Fame.


Test Details 

The competition itself will be 90 minutes. Each team will work in a break-out room and all answers will be communicated to the team captain, who will input the answers online. 

There are 30 questions, and 2 bonus questions. One point per question.

There is no penalty for guessing. 


What you can use: scratch paper, any kind of graph paper, scissors, rulers, compass, protractor, mirrors, centimeter cubes, Zome, legos, colored pencils, etc.


What you can't use: calculators, spreadsheets, Desmos, Geogebra, Siri, Google Search, or computer programs. 

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