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Zome Club

Zome is a mathematical construction system like no other.  In this weekly camp we will build a wide range of models and seek to understand the relationships between them. Students will also be encouraged to be creative and come up with their own designs - and design themes.


In addition to course tuition, students will purchase a Zome “Big Box” separately, which will contain an assortment of blue, red, yellow, and green struts (in both standard and custom colors) as well as Zome balls (both white and colored).

Students will need to take their models apart - on a regular basis - so they can keep building. We will encourage students to memorialize their builds by taking pictures (of models…as well as their shadows), and we’ll celebrate their work by creating our very own online museum. And towards the end of class, they will be able to rebuild their favorite models ‘for keeps’ ! 

Please note: this class is listed as wait-list because we are gathering names.
We will try to find a time over the weekend that works for most families


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