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In-Person Classes​

Our science classes focus on hands-on activities and plant a seed for future STEM careers. 

Circuits in a Snap ​

Each week your students will have an opportunity to explore the wide world of circuits made possible with Snap Circuits. This is a safe and fun way to introduce children to the basics of electrical engineering. With over 100 building challenges on the horizon, there are many opportunities to learn and explore. Let's roll up our sleeves and have some fun!

Electrical Engineering 


This is a hands-on class for grades 4-6. Students learn how electricity works and how it is used in the real world. Kids engage in project-based learning activities where they explore static electricity, voltage, resistance, circuits, batteries. These projects may include bending water with static electricity, making a battery and building a flashlight, and making and testing circuits in series and parallel. Advanced topics may include an introduction to resistors, capacitors, transistors, breadboards, multimeters and measuring electricity.

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Middle School Mathletes

The Middle-School-Mathletes programs are designed for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders (and very talented/ brave students in lower grades). Students train for a range of Middle School Math Competitions, including Math Olympiad, AMC8, Mathcounts, Mathleague, and Purple Comet. In the past some of our students have achieved the highest MOEM awards for individuals and teams. This is a great opportunity to challenge our students and to prepare them for competitions they will continue to tackle throughout Middle School. The problems are hard - but within reach.

Homework is strongly encouraged. Problems will come from old competitions, textbooks, the Mathcounts School Handbook, and a variety of other sources. All answers are processed online. 

MSM I is our introductory course to creative problem solving for middle school students. All students, from grades 6th-8th, are encouraged to start with this class, unless they have a significant background in problem solving and competitions. 

MSM II/III is our follow up course to MSM I. Students participate in many of the same competitions. However, we focus on the harder problems and more advanced problem solving techniques. 

For questions about placement, please contact Coach K at

Check out MSM Sample Problems here 
Sample Problems Answer Form

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High School Mathletes

The High-School-Mathletes program is designed for 9th and 10th graders (and very talented/ brave students in lower grades). Students train for AMC10, Purple Comet, and Math Kangaroo. 

Homework is strongly encouraged.


Problems will come from previous AMC10/12, Purple Comet, Mathcounts State/ National, Math Kangaroo, and Fan4 Level 3 Competitions. We will also pursue advanced math topics in a wide range of areas, including algebra, geometry, number theory, and counting & probability. All answers are processed online. 

For questions about placement, please contact Coach K at

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